Hochgrat SkiRallye - German ski-mountaineering championships (Skiing)

Another weekend, another ski-mountaineering race. Not the relaxed schedule I had intended for this season, but since the race was doubling as the Belgian championships there was a lift on offer. Id never raced in Germany (or indeed been to any mountains there) so it seemed a good opportunity.

For once it was a course that didnt go too high (the highest was just under 1900m) and this seemed to make a big difference to me; I felt like I was able to push hard pretty much the whole time. I guess living away from the mountains I never race fully acclimatised. Alas my descending was still poor despite some strength training this week to try and close the gap on the other brits, who were descending much better than me at the world champs. More tweaking required!

Good race overall, 7th in the German championships sounds OK to me, and ahead of all the Belgian and Dutch competitors (it was their national championships too). My second race ever averaging over 900m/hr (up and down), despite a lot of flat and a very poor first descent. A respectable 15% behind world sprint champion Josef Rottmoser. The progression continues, will it be enough for the British Championships at la belle etoile in just over a month? Well see…